4th of July in San Diego

If you have ever been to San Diego, you know that it is not only an incredibly beautiful place, but a very proud city with strong ties to this country and its armed forces. This is on prime display when the 4th of July comes around. The energy that consumes the city is something that you cannot help but become a part of, and that makes for amazing 4th of July celebrations. Here are some of the most exciting things going on throughout the city of San Diego on this momentous occasion.

Annual Big Bay Boom July 4 Fireworks Show

This is the place to be! The bay of San Diego becomes the talk of the country on this day as the largest fireworks display in the whole United States takes place over the calm waters of the bay. The beauty of this event is there are so many places you can take it in from. Find a cozy seat along the bay, or you can usually enjoy the event with great success from the comfort of your vacation home, depending on the location of course.

4th of July Celebration in Coronado

This is an amazing celebration because it is so continuous that it practically knows no beginning or end. 7 am sharp is when the festivities begin, and visitors can enjoy a day’s worth of parades down Orange Street, a concert at Spreckels Park, and the culmination of the event in a breathtaking fireworks show over the Glorietta Bay.

Old Town 4th of July

This is perhaps the most uniquely San Diego celebration of this holiday. It begins at 11 am and continues until 4 pm. Throughout this time, you can enjoy a wide variety of activities focused on the early days of the country and the city. Parades, crafts, and games are just a few of the things to enjoy. This is all packaged within the historical and beautiful ambiance of Old Town, making it that much better. You will need to go elsewhere for fireworks, though.

The great thing about the 4th of July in San Diego is you can keep yourself busy the entire day if you choose, bouncing around from celebration to celebration and experiencing the different sides of San Diego, all within a fun environment. For a one of a kind 4th of July experience, take a trip this summer to the beautiful city of San Diego!