San Diego Festival Guide

San Diego has become one of the most visited cities in the country for a wide variety of reasons. Of course, it is home to miles and miles of pristine coastline, the weather is amazing, and the culture is one of a kind. But there is another reason to visit the city: the festivals. The vibrant community of San Diego is always finding something to celebrate, and they throw some of the most exciting festivals around throughout the entire year. Here is a list of some of the best festivals in San Diego.

Kaaboo Del Mar

This year from September 15th through the 17th, Kaaboo will be taking over Del Mar for a weekend full of music and fun. The weekend features musical performances of all kinds from classic rock to hip hop and EDM. Among some of the more notable acts, there are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Muse, and Weezer. But there is so much more than music to love about this amazing event. You can enjoy endless art displays, unique foods, comedy, and more.

San Diego Barrel Aged Beer Fest

A huge part of the culture in San Diego revolves around great beer with good people. There is no event that encapsulates this better than the Barrel Aged Beer Fest. This is a must-attend event for the beer drinkers out there, because over 40 breweries come together and present the beers that they are most proud of. This means you will be able to enjoy one of the most unique and extensive beer lists that you will find anywhere. Obviously, if you love beer, you will not want to miss this event on Saturday, October 27th. But there is still a lot to love about this festival for those that do not have a great love for beer. Everyone can enjoy music, activities, and of course, amazing food.

San Diego Earthwork’s Earth Fair

This event has been proclaimed to be the largest scale, free admission, environmental event in the entire world! If you find yourself in San Diego in April, then this massive celebration of mother earth is something that you will not want to miss. The main point of the festival is to feature works of art dedicated to the earth. You will find over 300 pieces throughout the fair. But there is also music, educational performances, great food and much more!

It is true that anytime is a good time to visit San Diego. But there are so many events that will change your trip from a nice relaxing time to one that you will never forget. Check the city’s events schedule to plan your trip around a festival that you will truly love.

Beach Guide to San Diego

San Diego is known for countless beauties and extravagant activities. But nothing sticks out quite like the beautiful beaches here. Throughout the area, you can find some of the most unique and beautiful beaches in all of California. You can find something for the perfect swim in the Pacific, something for viewing those incredible California sunsets, and everything in between. Here are some of the most amazing beaches in San Diego.

Mission Beach

This is one of the liveliest beaches in all of San Diego. You can find miles of beautiful sandy beaches that are often packed with people and excitement. Along the beach runs the famous Mission Beach Boardwalk, which epitomizes the feel of a beach town. You can find endless unique shops and restaurants and even an amusement park at the heart of the beach. This is one of the premiere places to go if you are looking for an exciting beach adventure.

D Street

This is one of the many beaches that you will find in Encinitas. This is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a quieter beach experience mostly void of all the crowds that San Diego’s bustling tourism industry brings throughout the year. Encinitas is known for its endless tracts of cliffs that rise right above the ocean. This beach offers those signature cliffs with great sandy beaches at the base. This makes it the perfect place for those that are looking for amazing views of the area, as well as those who are looking to relax on the sand and go for a swim.

La Jolla Shores

This is one of the most popular beaches in La Jolla, which is considered “The Jewel” of San Diego. Here there is a little something for everyone, whether you are looking for a place to sink your toes in the sand or a place to find great surfing conditions. If you ever get sick of the beach, you can take to the charming streets of La Jolla. Here, you will find endless opportunities for shopping, eating, and spending a night on the town.

Making a list of all the beaches in San Diego would be an exhausting activity—one that would take up all the time of the day. This is simply a list of a couple standout beaches, but the only way to find the perfect beach for you is to come and explore them yourself. Make sure the next time you need a trip to the ocean, you make it a trip to San Diego!

Healthy Restaurant Options Post 4th of July Diet

Take a break from the hot dogs and BBQ ribs of the 4th of July season and take a bite of something fresh and healthy for your body! We have a few places you can start in the San Diego area. Get ready—we’re about to start you on a health craze.

Picasso Naturals

This vegetarian restaurant is ideal for those needing a break from meat heavy meals. Order a vegan sandwich, healthy salad, wrap, or smoothie from their 14-item vegetarian menu. Replacement options for your meats or milks vary from soy to tofu and rice milk to vegan cheese. You won’t be disappointed by their selection and neither will your taste buds!

Urbane Café

Urbane Café is well known for their vision which entails nutritious sandwiches at an affordable price! Urbane has award winning recipes that will not only impress customers’ taste buds, but satisfy their bodies!

Café Gratitude San Diego

For healthy cuisine, check out Café Gratitude! This plant-based restaurant offers health seekers a culinary experience with uniquely fresh ingredients. Café Gratitude sources all of their foods from local organic farmers, which means you’ll get more nutrients with each bite while also supporting a sustainable model of farm to table service. Get your fill of tacos, sandwiches, salads, smoothies, and even lattes with the best ingredients. An experience at Gratitude will definitely give you and your body a boost after the holiday.

Plumeria Vegetarian Restaurant

Plumeria offers vegetarian renditions of Thai dishes, using organic products, non-GMO plants, gluten free tofu, and zero animal products or fish sauces. This place is perfect for people who want spice and flavor, but who need to back off from certain additives and animal products, especially after this Independence Day—check it out!

Tender Greens UTC-La Jolla

Tender Greens partners with local ranchers and purveyors to bring the freshest ingredients to its customers; they believe that farm to table dining should be made accessible for everyone! So, if you’re looking for a quality, healthy meal at an affordable rate, Tender Greens is your place!

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Best Cheap and Local Eats in San Diego

One of the best ways to get to know a town is by its food. Thankfully, San Diego is full of great restaurants that’ll exceed your expectations while you stay under budget. And especially if you’re not from a large town, make sure to experiment with the mix of cuisine you can find in a huge city like San Diego! After all, vacations should be about a break from the norm!

Super Cocina

A place dedicated to giving you the best Mexican food for the lowest dollar, Super Cocina’s filling meals never disappoint! Located on University Avenue between Highway 15 and the 805, this cafeteria-style restaurant has something for everyone, from fish to beef, from soups to potato-cheese patties! Get out a ten-dollar bill and be ready to receive the closest thing to homemade authentic Mexican you can find in San Diego.

Kono’s Surf Club Café

Who wouldn’t want breakfast all day—especially if you could have pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs on your plate for under $8? Kono’s delicious, hearty breakfasts are filling for their costs and are available all day long—which is great since they’re busy from open to close! Their lunch menu is delectable as well, with options like the Mexi Burger and the veggie sandwich for under $9. Find Kono’s on Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach.

Mama’s Bakery and Deli

In Mama’s Bakery and Deli, try out the best Lebanese food you’ll ever taste outside the Levant for cheap! Delicious, bursting manaeesh (just try it, trust us) for $7.50, and all sorts of wraps from $7.25 to $8.50 make just browsing the menu a culinary adventure. You can take the safe route and grab turkey and cheese, or be exotic with dishes like baba ghanouj and fried grape leaves! The restaurant is on El Cajon Boulevard, a few miles north of the zoo.


This Thai place is another perfect spot for a meal under $10. Their curries are the real deal, and they offer fresh takes on salads that you won’t find easily in America! Just remember that when they ask you how spicy you want something, Americans aren’t used to normal Thai levels of spice! Sab-E-Lee’s original location is on Linda Vista, east of Mission Bay.

Soda and Swine

Finishing our list with more American delights, Soda and Swine is happy to offer you some delicious plates for $10 or less, with their cheap but filling $4 – $9 sides really stealing the show. Come in whether hungry for a full meal or a moderate bite and leave delighted either way. Soda and Swine has two locations—one in North Park, the other at Liberty Station.

Living the Good Life

Just like with these restaurants, enjoying the finer things in life doesn’t demand spending an arm and leg! For example, look at the fantastic value you can get on a San Diego rental home when you book with SanDiego.Rentals. Call us at 888-511-2575 and learn how we can help you enjoy the good life on a budget!

5 Activities to Keep You Cool in San Diego This Summer

San Diego is well-known for beautiful weather and amazing sights. While you really cannot beat the weather year-round, it can get a little uncomfortable during the peak of summer. This fact has done little to dissuade visitors from coming here in the summer, simply because there are so many ways to keep cool in San Diego regardless of the temperature outside. Here are some of the best ways to stay cool this summer in San Diego.

Hit the Beach

Of course, this is the first item on the list in a place like San Diego. The city’s endless stretches of amazing beaches are the main reason to visit. The cool waters of the Pacific, coupled with ocean breezes, make the beach the perfect place to catch some sun without being overcome by heat. There are endless opportunities for recreation here, while there is also the priceless opportunity to do nothing and just relax as well.

Take a Boat Ride

A great way to beat the heat in an exciting way is to take to the water, where the air is far cooler and breezier. There are plenty of ways to get out on the water, whether you are looking to rent jet skis, take a sailing trip, go deep sea fishing, or even head out on a whale watching expedition.

Visit a Waterpark

It may seem silly to visit a waterpark when the Pacific Ocean is right in your backyard, but you will change your mind once you see Aquatica, San Diego’s premier waterpark. Here, you can spend an adrenaline pumping day flying down slides and other rides, or you can take a load off and float down the lazy river or hunker down by the wave pool. Regardless of how you spend the day here, you can be sure that you will be cool!

Spend a Day in the Gaslamp Quarter

The Gaslamp Quarter is comprised of 16 blocks of some of San Diego’s most exciting downtown streets. There are infinite ways to spend a day cooling off in this area, whether you are looking to get a drink at one of countless unique bars and lounges, grab a bite at a wide range of eateries, or catch a show at one of multiple historic venues.

Catch a Movie

While it is hard to condone spending a few hours inside in a place as beautiful as San Diego, the heat can sometimes make it a necessity. Nothing cools you off quite like sitting in a cool and dark room while enjoying a great movie.

Regardless of the weather, you can be sure that your next San Diego vacation will be a memorable one!

4th of July in San Diego

If you have ever been to San Diego, you know that it is not only an incredibly beautiful place, but a very proud city with strong ties to this country and its armed forces. This is on prime display when the 4th of July comes around. The energy that consumes the city is something that you cannot help but become a part of, and that makes for amazing 4th of July celebrations. Here are some of the most exciting things going on throughout the city of San Diego on this momentous occasion.

Annual Big Bay Boom July 4 Fireworks Show

This is the place to be! The bay of San Diego becomes the talk of the country on this day as the largest fireworks display in the whole United States takes place over the calm waters of the bay. The beauty of this event is there are so many places you can take it in from. Find a cozy seat along the bay, or you can usually enjoy the event with great success from the comfort of your vacation home, depending on the location of course.

4th of July Celebration in Coronado

This is an amazing celebration because it is so continuous that it practically knows no beginning or end. 7 am sharp is when the festivities begin, and visitors can enjoy a day’s worth of parades down Orange Street, a concert at Spreckels Park, and the culmination of the event in a breathtaking fireworks show over the Glorietta Bay.

Old Town 4th of July

This is perhaps the most uniquely San Diego celebration of this holiday. It begins at 11 am and continues until 4 pm. Throughout this time, you can enjoy a wide variety of activities focused on the early days of the country and the city. Parades, crafts, and games are just a few of the things to enjoy. This is all packaged within the historical and beautiful ambiance of Old Town, making it that much better. You will need to go elsewhere for fireworks, though.

The great thing about the 4th of July in San Diego is you can keep yourself busy the entire day if you choose, bouncing around from celebration to celebration and experiencing the different sides of San Diego, all within a fun environment. For a one of a kind 4th of July experience, take a trip this summer to the beautiful city of San Diego!

Natural Attractions in San Diego

San Diego is arguably one of the most beautiful towns in California. It also happens to be the oldest town as well. San Diego has the great advantage of having many of its places of interest within close proximity of each other, making it an easy city to explore. One of the best things about San Diego is the amazing amount of natural attractions in the area. Not only are there amazing beaches, but also parks, zoos, and nature preserves. Check out these amazing natural attractions on your next San Diego trip.

San Diego Zoo

Located in Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo is one of the largest and most famous zoos in the United States. The zoo has all kinds of exotic animals, including pandas, which have been successfully bred here. It is spread out along a canyon, with many hills that can sometimes be challenging for visitors wandering through the zoo. The park prides itself on the animal enclosures, which are designed to recreate natural settings. The San Diego Zoo offers amazing insight into the natural world and will provide all visitors with a great experience.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park encompasses a 1,400-acre site with historical buildings, numerous museums, gardens, and green space. The park was created for the Panama California Exhibition of 1915-1916, and most of the buildings remain from that event. The predominant architecture is Spanish-style low-rise buildings that blend in with the natural surroundings. Among the highlights of the park are the botanical gardens and lily pond, the Museum of Man, the Museum of Natural History, the San Diego Museum of Art, and the famous San Diego Zoo. Visitors will be surrounded by natural beauty in this amazing San Diego park.

Mission Beach

The Mission Beach Boardwalk epitomizes San Diego’s dreamy Southern California lifestyle. This scenic three-mile stretch is the place to go for a leisurely walk, sunbathing, and people-watching. The boardwalk is also a popular spot for rollerblading, skateboarding, and cycling. This popular local beach features amazing white sand beaches and is the home for unique sea life. If you are looking for an incredible beach landscape, Mission Beach is the perfect place for you to visit. Grab your beach towels and soak up the sun on this beautiful beach.

These are just three of San Diego’s amazing natural attractions. Make sure to visit them on your next San Diego trip.

Tips for San Diego Vacationers, First-Timers and Regulars Alike!

Headed to San Diego for the first time? Headed there for the tenth time? Either way, in the efforts for the best possible vacation, knowing is half the battle! Here are some things you should know to make the most of your San Diego experience:

Fantastic Roads and Where to Follow Them

The airport lies near the I-8 and I-5, so those are the two major freeways you’ll want to recognize first if you’re flying in. The I-5 runs north and south near the coast, and passes right next to Balboa Park and the Zoo. The I-8 runs east to west along the center-ish part of the city—you might travel it if you want to visit Sea World!

The Best Beaches

When you come visit, you’ll certainly want to spend at least one day at the beach! The glistening sands of Coronado Beach are great and give a good excuse to visit the picturesque “island.” Ocean Beach is another popular one, especially with dog lovers—bring Fido along for a romp in the waves! Mission Beach is another excellent choice, thanks to being home to Belmont Park!

Nearby Treasures

If you don’t come to the west coast often, you should make the most of your visit by heading out to these other Pacific vacation destinations! Carlsbad, California is less than an hour away from San Diego. This is not the home of the famed Carlsbad Caverns, but it is home to the nationally renowned LEGOLAND! And if you’re visiting in Spring, make sure to check out the Flower Fields—they’ll really take your breath away!

Or head outside of town to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, featuring wildlife from a whole new angle! It’s just a few minutes away from Escondido, so why not visit some museums while you’re there?

And, if your passports are good for it, head south to the Mexican town of Rosarita for some truly unique souvenirs, such as spicy candy—or a picture of an authentic, jaw-dropping Mexican sunset!

Where to Stay

If you’re going to be spanning the breadth of the city in a new direction each day, try to get a place nearby CA-94, I-5, I-8, I-805, I-15, or CA52: having these freeways nearby will make accessing the city that much easier!

On the other hand, it’s hard to beat beachfront property. Beaches are one of the cheapest and most exciting ways to make the most of San Diego, so live up the oceanfront property dream while you have the chance!

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Top Waterfalls in San Diego

San Diego is most well-known for its exposure to the Pacific Ocean, and its oceanfront property, views, and historic locations draw visitors from around the country. One of the best kept secrets of the area is the amazing number of fresh water options that are amazing places to visit on your vacation. Check out one of these amazing waterfalls the next time you find yourself in San Diego.

Oak Canyon

This seasonal waterfall comes to life only following heavy rainfall, but when it does wake up, the water tumbles and crashes over a colorful jumble of metamorphic rocks in the upper reaches of this gently winding canyon.

Cottonwood Creek Falls

Another seasonal waterfall tucked into a hidden grotto south of the Laguna Mountains. The somewhat obscure trail leads to a tranquil series of cascades.

Green Valley Falls

The Sweetwater River tumbles over this multiple-tiered cascade on the south end of Green Valley Campground in Cuyamaca Ranch State Park.

Maidenhair Falls

A hidden, fern-bedecked grotto with a seasonal 20′ waterfall in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Borrego Palm Canyon

This spot offers not just a single waterfall, but a number of smaller cascades found along the creek. The easiest to reach is a small waterfall that flows near the first palm grove.

Horsethief Canyon

Less of a waterfall than a series of gentle cascades that empty into a beautiful pool at the confluence of Pine Valley Creek and Horsethief Canyon, when the breeze ruffles the cottonwoods and sycamores overhead, there is perhaps no more peaceful place in the county. Note: you will need an Adventure Pass to park at the trailhead.

Safety Note on Waterfalls

Many of these waterfalls lie within the county’s arid interior, where summer temperatures routinely hit triple digits. Given that rainfall is extremely rare during these times, hikers should avoid seeking out waterfalls during the summer and fall months. Rescues due to dehydration and heat exhaustion during these times are common, and most of the rescues seem to occur when unprepared hikers seek out waterfalls.

5 Reasons to Visit the USS Midway Museum

San Diego has a lot to offer its guests. There are amazing beaches, great attractions and wonderful tourist locations that are perfect for a vacation getaway. However, one of the best places to visit while in San Diego is the USS Midway Museum. Take a step into our Navel past and enjoy this piece of history.

1. Guided Tours

Hands down, the USS Midway Museum would not be what it is without the tireless dedication of its volunteers and docents. You’ll find the latter particularly insightful as many were sailors on the ship when it was in service. The stories they can tell that will enhance your experience, so keep an eye out for them during your visit.

2. Restored Navel Aircraft

Both on the outside flight deck and below in the main hangar, the Midway features dozens of restored, vintage aircraft, including jets and helicopters. For many, this section is a highlight. I know very little about these aircraft myself, so am always impressed in a “wow, neat!” sort of way. Others who know a lot more about these aircraft may find that their depth of knowledge enables them to appreciate them on a much deeper, meaningful level.

3. Flight Simulators

There are several enticingly-elaborate flight simulators available to ride in the main hangar. The cost of one ride is $16 (for either one or two people) but they are really cool. If you have dreamed of flying a military plane, make sure you take advantage of this amazing part of the museum.

4. Gift Shop

In addition to a wide variety of “Midway” logo items and toys, they also offer a selection of 1950s candies for sale near the register. This gift shop offers more than just a traditional souvenir gift, but a whole slew of different amazing things to help memorialize your trip.

5. Best View Of The Classic Navel Lifestyle

The USS Midway provides guests with the perfect insight into the life on a Naval vessel. There are many different parts of the ship that are open for guests to visit. These include the Brig, The Kitchen, The Electrical Turbines and a sentry post where a guard (now a mannequin), stationed in front of an access door to weaponry/missiles, was apparently authorized back in the day to shoot any trespasser who crossed a yellow line painted on the floor in front of him.