Beach Rentals in Solana Beach, CA

Beach Rentals in Solana Beach, CA

Summer vacations spent in a beachfront rental are guaranteed to be an experience you won’t soon forget. Enjoy long, lazy days spent splashing in the cool ocean waters with the sun shining down from above, the laughter of children pealing through the air as they dig a hole to China in the sand, and quiet evenings spent watching magnificent sunsets. The Solana Beach community is charming and friendly; it’s the perfect vacation destination when you are searching for that laid-back vibe that comes to Californians naturally. Our Solana Beach vacation rentals are where your dream getaway begins!


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Color Me Beachy!

The vibrant colors that accentuate our rentals in Solana Beach, CA—brilliant reds, vibrant blues, shocking yellows—accentuate the charm and beauty of the lifestyle you will lead at the beach. Just as the ocean has its stormy days where the water is dangerous and wild, these homes tend to rebel against the norm, but still envelope you in warmth and love.

Take a Breather

Your real life is a nightmare of meetings, school events, traffic jams, and late nights at the office. Every second of every day is jam packed with activities and events that drag you down and keep you exhausted. Vacation is the time to slow down and recharge, and when you stay in one of our beach house rentals in Solana Beach, CA the options for relaxation are limitless.

Take the kids to Fletcher Cove Beach Park and watch them tire themselves out at the playground while you lounge on the benches. Leave the kids with the husband and spend some time exploring the local stores. Leaping Lotus features a huge selection of unique gifts, souvenirs, and home décor items that will bring a smile to your face! And finally, nothing is more relaxing than a fine bottle of wine shared with those you love as you watch that sun dive into the sea. Carruth Cellars Urban Winery & Tasting Room offers tours, tastings, and the opportunity to bring bottles of goodness back to your Solana Beach vacation rental! When it’s time to pick up a few necessities (cheese for that wine, perhaps?), Vons is a California favorite; whatever you need, you will find in its brightly lit aisles!

Relax in One of Solana Beach vacation rentals

Your SanDiego.Rentals Solana Beach home has all the little extras that make going out seem like more effort than its worth. Fireplaces, elaborate pools, and breathtaking views can all be yours for the stay. Book one of our Solana Beach vacation rentals today and start making a list of excuses as why you really don’t want to leave that comfy chair by the window!