Belmont Park

Kid Friendly Thing to Do in San Diego: Belmont Park

roller coaster-minAmusement parks are always a good idea. With Ferris Wheels, roller coasters, midway games, and bad food that tastes so good, there’s always something fun and wonderful going on. When you add in ocean views and sounds and salty ocean air, it brings the fun to an entirely new level! Belmont Park in San Diego is an oceanside amusement park that has been bringing fun, laughter, and excitement to residents and tourists since 1925; it even has some of the rides from opening day still in operation!

Located at 3146 Mission Boulevard

On July 4th in 1925, as America was entering her last year in her 140s, San Diego was celebrating in her own unique way, with the opening of Mission Beach Amusement Center (which became Belmont Park in 1955). Belmont Park on Mission Beach was an instant hit, becoming popular with locals and tourists as a kid-friendly thing to do in San Diego from all over the world—even managing to survive the depression years, which was a real feat back then! Famous for two rides—The Giant Dipper and The Plunge—this San Diego amusement park was a fun way to spend a summer day for families for years. Today, the fun continues and the tradition of young parents introducing the park to their new offspring is a cherished one that we hope will carry on for another 100 years—or longer!

The Rides

The two rides that made Belmont Park in San Diego famous are actually still in use; The Giant Dipper and The Plunge both underwent major restorations and are once again the stars of the show. Keep your hands in the air as you fly along the rails on the historic Dipper, or cool off in The Plunge. Both still offer plenty of thrills, but the park is not one to rest on its laurels. Today, you can fly in all directions on Beach Blaster, spin wildly out of control (albeit safely!) on the Octotron, or drive like maniacs on the bumper cars; the worse you drive, the more fun you can have! Belmont Park respects history, but also enjoys the latest and greatest of San Diego amusement park rides!

Midway Games, Shopping, and Restaurants

Belmont Park in San Diego, a great kid-friendly thing to do in San Diego, is a great place to win your kids that giant teddy bear, pick up some cute souvenirs as a reminder of “that day” when you had the greatest family time ever, and of course, eat some really tasty food that is very bad for you! The good news is that while you still can enjoy food on a stick and sticky, cold ice cream, you have fine dining options available to you at the San Diego amusement park as well—options that include an ice-cold craft beer or a chilled glass of wine!

Right Around the Corner

When the time comes that you’ve ridden too many spinning rides and had too much cotton candy and a tad too much sun, you can head to your Mission Beach luxury vacation home from SanDiego.Rentals and relax in peace and comfort for the remainder of the day. Book yours today!


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