Birch Aquarium San Diego

sea-lion-minThe sea has often been called the true last frontier. There is so much we don’t know about it, so many areas that have remained unexplorable. Maybe it’s that mystery that draws us there and causes us to be so interested in the creatures that inhabit its salty waters. We live here year-round, and on weekends, holidays, or any given evening, you will find us swimming in the bay, sunning ourselves on the beach, and roaming the halls of the Birch Aquarium, checking for anything new we may have missed in our last visit and reacquainting ourselves with familiar creatures we have “adopted.” At least, it feels as if they are a part of our family now!

2300 Expedition Way

Located on the waters we love so much, the Birch Aquarium at Scripps is more than just a home to sea creatures that need rehabilitation or can’t be released back into the wild; this worthy establishment is a research center that trains our youth in the importance of caring for the oceans and the creatures who live in them. It’s a place where sharks swim behind glass that is just inches thick and we can observe them eating, hunting, living. It’s a think tank where research and creativity may just be the next brilliant invention that will take the world by storm. It’s a place of conservation, a place that raises some sea creatures, while helping others breed and propagate. It’s a place where love wins.


This is where the fun really begins. The exhibits at Birch Aquarium are guaranteed to add a thrill to your day. Watch sharks as they feed, or learn about the current research program, the 100 Island Challenge. Explore global warming, investigate the tide pools, or simply sit back and enjoy the quiet and colorful beauty of fishes just doing their thing. Say hello to our loggerhead turtle that makes his home here; there’s no wrong way to explore the aquarium!

Entrance Fees So Low

There is so much good done by the tireless workers of the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, but the fees they charge remain low. You shouldn’t put a price on knowledge is there way of thinking. If you can afford to pay more, they always accept donations! Adults 18 and over are $18.50, Children 3 to 17 cost $14, and Seniors (60+) pay just $15.50, while kids under 3 are free!

And at the End of the Day…

When you are pleasantly tired from a day of exploration, education, and entertainment found at the Birch Aquarium, you can head home to the comfort of your SanDiego.Rentals vacation rental—book yours today!


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