Cabrillo National Monument

Cabrillo National Monument

cabrillo monument staircase-minCalifornia is more than amusement parks built by a special mouse; it’s home to beautiful weather, scenic mountain backdrops, ocean views that will take your breath away, and a rich culture and history filled with excitement and drama—with San Diego being at the center of all that makes California so wonderful! Conquistadors, explorers, marauding pirates—there are things to see in San Diego that are so fantastic you may think they are made up.

But we know they are true, and so will you when you visit the Cabrillo National Monument at 1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive, a monument built to commemorate a very important day in our history: the day that Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo first set foot on the sandy shores of San Diego Bay, setting into motions events that would eventually make California a state.

September 28, 1542

While most of America is relatively young in comparison to other countries in the world, the coastal states of Florida and California have far more history than most of the states in our nation by a few hundred years. Cabrillo landed at San Diego Bay all the way back in 1542; the rest is history!

Today the spot, where this intrepid young explorer landed is a national monument, complete with a statue overlooking the bay! If you happen to be in California in September, be sure to visit the monument. Every year, Cabrillo’s discovery is reenacted by some very talented actors; it’s a show not to be missed! The Visitor Center shows a video that tells the story, but it’s more impressive to see it in action.

Located at Point Loma

The statue of Cabrillo is not the only item of interest at the monument. This area is also home to the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, a beautiful structure that was built in 1855, only to be extinguished a short 36 years later. The fog that frequently blankets the region would often cover the lighthouse, making it useless to sailors traveling the waters of the bay, creating a flaw that could never be undone. A new lighthouse was built closer to the water which worked much better. Today, the old lighthouse still stands, serving as a scenic monument to days long past, and while you can only get inside on special occasions, it also serves as a wonderful photo opportunity from the ground.

Our History is Part of What Makes Us Special

When you visit and explore the many things to see in San Diego you will see why we love it so much! Book your SanDiego.Rentals vacation home today and discover a secret we’ve always known: There really is no place that compares to home when your home is in California!


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