Mission Beach Guide

mission beachMission Beach Guide

Mission Beach in California fits all you need in a vacation into one beach. Mission Beach is San Diego’s lively take on the classic boardwalk beach town, with nearly two miles of oceanfront boardwalk, numerous rental shops, and Belmont Park, a boardwalk amusement park featuring the Wave House, miniature golf, bumper cars, rock climbing, an arcade, and the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster, originally built in 1925 but since restored. If you are looking for help planning your trip to Mission Beach, take a look at this guide to the popular San Diego Beach.

Where to Go

Most of the action is in Mission Beach. Mission Beach California is located around Belmont Park at the intersection of Mission Boulevard and West Mission Bay Drive, where you can ride the roller coaster and other amusement rides, rent a bike, play some games, or grab a bite to eat. South Mission Beach offers a slower pace from the bustling activity in the Belmont Park area. The beach gets even wider as you go south, with lots of room to relax on the sand or try some beach volleyball. There are great spots for fishing at the end of the road at South Mission Beach Park, where you can cast off the jetty and watch the boats pass in and out through the Harbor Channel. You’d never know it to look, but a half-mile off the coast are a series of shipwrecks, placed here to create an artificial reef and a diver’s haven for underwater exploration.


Don’t count on finding parking on any of Mission Beach’s narrow and densely inhabited residential streets and, if you do, check the signs before you count yourself lucky. Slightly better odds can be had at the public lots around Belmont Park, Santa Clara Point, and South Mission Beach Park. Otherwise, this is a good place to visit by bus or bike.

Popular Activities

A visit to Belmont Park is a must. Ride the roller coaster, bumper cars, and the artificial wave at the Wave House, or play the games in the arcade. Enjoy surfing, boogie boarding, kite boarding, and swimming in designated areas of Mission Beach in the summer. If you plan on swimming on Mission Beach, make sure that you pay attention to the marked signs on the beach. Fishing off of the Mission Bay jetty, and walking, jogging, and bicycling on the boardwalk are also great activities that don’t have you getting wet.

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