Vacation Rentals in Oceanside, CA

Oceanside, California Vacation Rentals

Look around you and tell us what you see. Are there white sand beaches beneath your feet, crystal clear waters surrounding you, and blue skies above you? If not, then you should be thinking about planning your next vacation in beautiful Oceanside, California, a city where the sun is nearly always shining and the temperatures stay just the right amount of cool. You’ve spent years planning the perfect getaway and we promise you can’t dream of a better vacation spot. Spend your days exploring the beauty that is Oceanside, take a whale watching trip, skydive for the first time, or just spend the day at the beach walking along the shores of the water, searching for shells and reconnecting with the one you love, and spend your nights in one of our extraordinary Oceanside, CA vacation rentals living like royalty.


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Our Wonderful Oceanside Vacation Rentals

When you rent one of our vacation rentals in Oceanside, CA, you will find it’s the attention we pay to even the smallest of details that make the biggest difference between us and other companies. Our homes are spacious and bright, stocked with everything you could possibly need, and some things that you never really thought about. We provide beach toys for the kids to spend long hours on the beach creating epic sand sculptures or digging that hole to China. Our kitchens are fully stocked with the finest of wares, including state of the art appliances that are a chef’s dream. Our furnishings are elegant, yet so comfortable, you find yourself sitting on that couch or laying in that bed “just a few minutes more”!

Our years of experience in the vacation rental world ensures that each and every one of our vacation rentals in Oceanside, CA is furnished in such a way multiple people can share the same home and only run into each other on their own terms! Our ocean view homes are just that – homes that provide a clear and breathtaking view of one of Mother Nature’s finest masterpieces, the Pacific Ocean. You aren’t going to have to stand on a step stool while ducking your head to the left and squinting one eye to catch a hair’s breadth glimpse of something that may or may not be ocean water; it will be close enough for you to smell the salt air and hear the sounds of the waves crashing against the beach. Our Oceanside, CA vacation rentals are the real deal.

The neighborhoods

It’s kind of scary driving in a town you have never visited before and we understand that, so we make sure all our homes are close to the heart of the city, enabling you to explore without having to get in a car and drive! Ride around Oceanside on one of the beach cruisers you can find in some of our homes, or just slip on your flip flops and walk to the beach for a day of water fun and games. If you’re here at any time from December through April, charter a boat and you might just catch sight of a pod of gray whales as they migrate both to and from their breeding grounds. When you vacation in Oceanside, this is just one of the many exciting and fun adventures that can happen to you; don’t forget your camera, and don’t forget to reserve one of our stunningly beautiful vacation homes. This is going to be the vacation of a lifetime and you will want to remember every moment!