Old Town San Diego State Historic Park  

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park

oldtown-minThe first thing you may notice upon your arrival to San Diego is the glorious weather that is usually, sunny, clear, and just the right temperature! There is no need to pack a raincoat or a parka; long pants are fine if that’s what you prefer, but the casual lifestyle and perfect weather of this seaside paradise ensures that the majority of visitors are quite happy in their shorts and tee shirts.

The second thing you may soon become aware of during your visit is this: Our weather is so great, we all want to spend as much time as possible outside! We enjoy fun-filled days at the beach, purposeful hikes on hiking trails around the water, or lazy days spent exploring the many parks that can be found throughout San Diego, including Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, where history and paradise cohabitate in peaceful happiness!

Located at 4002 Wallace Street in the Old Town Neighborhood of San Diego

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park is a bit more than your standard neighborhood park. This is where you go when you want to experience a San Diego summer festival. 4th of July festivities, Stage Coach Days on Saturdays throughout July and August, even the 160th anniversary of Overland Mall will be having its celebration on this historic piece of land. When you stay in one of our SanDiego.Rentals vacation homes, you are guaranteed a ringside seat to all the festivities. Many of our available rentals are located in the neighborhood!

History Around Every Corner

The park itself only came into existence in 1968, but the protected buildings that dot the landscape have existed for almost 100 years. The earliest buildings were built in 1820 and are museums open for your exploring pleasure! Stables, schoolhouses, and personal residences all represent an important part of our early history as a state and none should be missed, even if it means making repeat trips to our fair city. We think you can handle the sacrifices THAT would involve! In any case, if time is limited, the first San Diego Court House Museum is one of our favorite museums in the park!

Of Course, There’s More!

Restaurants, stores, street performers, the list is endless, and some things should remain surprises for you to discover yourself! The Old Town San Diego State Historic Park is a gem that should be explored thoroughly. Book your SanDiego.Rentals vacation home today and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

Photo by: Adrián Cerón

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