Outstanding Carlsbad, CA Beach Rentals

Outstanding Carlsbad, CA Beach Rentals

In decades past, life was much simpler: Mom stayed home with the kids, dad worked to “bring home the bacon,” and summers were often spent at the beach. Today, life isn’t so simple anymore, but one thing that somehow still manages to stay the same is the summer vacation at the beach. Our Carlsbad, CA beach house rentals require a 30 day stay, allowing you and your family the opportunity to enjoy the simple life together once more. Just imagine the long, lazy days spread out before you, seemingly without end, as you enjoy the sun and surf in charming Carlsbad. Does it get any better than this?


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Keep It Simple

The first rule of beachfront home décor is the KISS rule: keep it simple, silly! There’s no competing with the view outside, so why even try? Our Carlsbad beach rentals feature crisp white walls, comfy furnishings, and oversized windows that let in the sunlight and the views. We don’t skimp on the luxury, however, and with or without the view, these homes will make you feel pampered and spoiled—30 days will not be enough!

Vacationing in Carlsbad

While many days you will be quite content sitting on the patio, watching the waves crash against the shore, there will still be times you want to get out and about. Those parents with young boys will be thrilled to discover that Carlsbad is home to the world-famous LEGOLAND; the creations at this fun theme park will be great inspiration to your child! For an aromatically wonderful time from March through May, a trip to The Flower Fields will enchant flower lovers of all ages. The colors and scents, as well as the joy that is expressed by guests as they roam the 50 acres of walking trails, may convince you that this spot is happier than any you have visited before! Fishing off Oceanside Pier, exploring the Craftsmanship Museum, playing at Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park (and taking pictures of the peacocks!) add to the list of adventures you can have during your Carlsbad getaway; you are limited only by your imagination!

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Vacations can’t all be about fancy restaurants, shopping, and theme parks. Sometimes, you need to buy groceries (Ralph’s Fresh Fare), buy Mother’s Day gifts (LEAF—live enlightened and free), or even make a Costco run (951 Palomar Airport Road). When you rent from SanDiego.Rentals, you don’t just get a luxury beachfront home with all the extras; you get to be a part of a very large family that loves to share information! Book one of our Carlsbad, CA beach house rentals today and discover the beauty of living like a local in this wonderful locale.