Healthy Restaurant Options Post 4th of July Diet

Take a break from the hot dogs and BBQ ribs of the 4th of July season and take a bite of something fresh and healthy for your body! We have a few places you can start in the San Diego area. Get ready—we’re about to start you on a health craze.

Picasso Naturals

This vegetarian restaurant is ideal for those needing a break from meat heavy meals. Order a vegan sandwich, healthy salad, wrap, or smoothie from their 14-item vegetarian menu. Replacement options for your meats or milks vary from soy to tofu and rice milk to vegan cheese. You won’t be disappointed by their selection and neither will your taste buds!

Urbane Café

Urbane Café is well known for their vision which entails nutritious sandwiches at an affordable price! Urbane has award winning recipes that will not only impress customers’ taste buds, but satisfy their bodies!

Café Gratitude San Diego

For healthy cuisine, check out Café Gratitude! This plant-based restaurant offers health seekers a culinary experience with uniquely fresh ingredients. Café Gratitude sources all of their foods from local organic farmers, which means you’ll get more nutrients with each bite while also supporting a sustainable model of farm to table service. Get your fill of tacos, sandwiches, salads, smoothies, and even lattes with the best ingredients. An experience at Gratitude will definitely give you and your body a boost after the holiday.

Plumeria Vegetarian Restaurant

Plumeria offers vegetarian renditions of Thai dishes, using organic products, non-GMO plants, gluten free tofu, and zero animal products or fish sauces. This place is perfect for people who want spice and flavor, but who need to back off from certain additives and animal products, especially after this Independence Day—check it out!

Tender Greens UTC-La Jolla

Tender Greens partners with local ranchers and purveyors to bring the freshest ingredients to its customers; they believe that farm to table dining should be made accessible for everyone! So, if you’re looking for a quality, healthy meal at an affordable rate, Tender Greens is your place!

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