Jimmy’s been managing my house this past year after I self-managed it on VRBO for nearly eight years. Our rental income has doubled since Vacation Rentals in San Diego took over and I have no headaches whatsoever. It’s refreshing to find a quality manager that could take over my Carlsbad beach house and now I earn a lot more rental income than ever before. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality manager and vacation rental company in San Diego.
—Grant Gomez

Epic customer service and quality operation! It’s been nearly seven years with their company and I’m happy to report the rental income to date is over $1 million for my Del Mar property. Their cleaning, maintenance, concierge, and sales team are great. It’s been a great experience for me and high ROI. My property is meticulously maintained and cared for by their team. 
—Greg Curtis 

Vacation Rentals in San Diego has managed several of my vacation rentals for nearly 10 years. I’ve been extremely happy with their attention to detail, quality cleanings, experienced maintenance team, and high rental income. Their web-based owners module is easy to use and I’m always informed about what’s going on with my properties. I have not complaints and plan to use them for all my current and future vacation rentals.
—Bill Berghoff

This management company does a great job.  We have been very impressed with how our home has been handled since moving out in June. It was so nice being back to enjoy our home this past weekend, and it was very relieving to see our home in such great condition- it looked spotless, and very well taken care of.  We have also both been very impressed with your responsiveness!
—Shawna Bestreich

I have owned a vacation condo for several years and have been using Vacation Rentals in San Diego. I can’t say enough about their team and my condo’s rental income over the years. I may be small potatoes compared to some of their bigger homes, but they don’t make me feel that way. Thank you! You have a loyal owner for life!
—Chris Scelfo